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Baler Machines: What Are Their Applications?

by Rudy

A baler machine is vital recycling equipment. It works by pressing waste materials, like cardboard, making them easier to tie together and form a bale. Baler machines are commonly used for cardboard and soft plastic wastes. However, the best baler machines are flexible enough to handle unique materials like hard plastics, cans, and carpets. But to what extent do you know these machines? It helps to learn about baler machines whether you buy them or not.

The basic applications of baler machines

Baler machines are fantastic alternatives for on-site bins. Typical on-site bins are expensive to manage and take up a lot of space. They also often overflow and are costly to empty. These machines have numerous applications. The general use of baler machines is in recycling. However, its applications can be broken down into specific recycling needs. Below are some of the common applications of baler machines;

They are great for steel recycling

One of the primary applications of baler machines is steel recycling. These machines are great for compacting steel and aluminum cans. They also work perfectly with metal caps, wires, and clips. Baler machines are especially great for compacting lighter metals. However, their applications and capabilities differ by type. For instance, ferrous baling machines with three hydraulic cylinders can handle thicker and heavier metals.

They help with cardboard and paper recycling

Baler machines are great for cardboard and paper recycling. They can handle wastes like magazines, printing papers, newspapers, and packaging cardboard. For this reason, they are fantastic alternatives for waste bins in office structures. Research shows that the average office worker produces about two pounds of paper products daily. Furthermore, paper makes up about 20% of total office waste. Therefore, baler machines are necessary for handling thicker and heavier metals.

Plastic and foam recycling

Baler machines are also used for plastic recycling. They can handle various plastic wastes like TEP, HDPE, and flexible PVC materials. Baler machines are also great for electronic and automotive plastic scrap baling. Various baler machines apply in plastic recycling, depending on the type of waste. Baler machines are also great for foam recycling. Foam is a light and low-density material. Baler machines can help compress foam wastes to reduce the amount of space consumed.

Baler machine applications in agriculture

These machines are used in agriculture to compact animal fodder. Compacting fodder from animals helps with moisture control and nutrient retention. That means your animals will feed on nutritious fodder even when it lasts for months. If you are in the business of meat or milk production, you get assured of quality and adequate production because your animals feed on quality. Baler machines were also originally used in agriculture for forming haystacks and bales.


Baler machines have numerous applications in recycling. Like most machines, they come in many types. Make sure you know what you want if you want to maximize the benefits. The machines vary depending on their working principles and the bales they produce. Alibaba offers high-quality baling machines, and you will not miss what you want at your preferred budget.

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