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How Are Bobo Balloons Nicer Than Simple Balloons?

by Rudy

Clear, elastic-plastic is used in the construction of bobo balloons, and each one is sold with a moisture pack that is hermetically sealed.

If you want to avoid the balloon deflating and becoming unusable, you should inflate it as soon as the package is opened. Never use the pack to clean the balloon, and under no circumstances should you put it to any other use.

Purpose of Bobo Balloons

Bobo balloons are famous clear balloons that are supposed to be stuffed twice, and as a result, they do not have a valve that can automatically seal itself. After the balloon has been inflated, a seal will need to be fashioned somehow.

They are offered for sale in individual packaging. There is a clear print option available for Bobo balloons, in addition to a variety of themed print options.

Aqua Balloons are likewise produced from clear stretchable plastic, but, compared to bobo balloons, these balloons have a higher degree of see-through quality. There are no prints or other designs available for the aqua balloons; they are just available in clear.

Aqua Balloons don’t come with moisture packing and feature a pink screen covering the balloon until it is prepared to be inflated. This film also protects the balloon while it is being shipped. The Aqua Balloons are sold in packages of ten each.

Bobo Vs Aqua Balloons

The amount of time that bobo balloons are able to float for is noticeably more than that of aqua balloons. The duration of float time for Bobo balloons ranges from seven days to many weeks, whereas Aqua Balloons only last for just a few days.

Bobo Balloons are not at all comparable to latex balloons in any way. Even Diamond Transparent Latex Balloons do not have the same level of transparency as these clear stretchy plastic balloons once they have been inflated.

They are composed of a clear plastic that stretches and is not latex. In addition to that, they have the form of a nice spherical beach ball. Due to their beautiful transparency, bubbles are the “go-to” balloon for huge, elegant events and weddings. They look especially glorious when a tassel or garland is tied to them.

How Are They Made?

Helium is the only gas that can be used to inflate a bubble balloon. The pressurized helium pulls the plastic to make the attractive round shape of a bubble balloon. Because they are lacking a valve that can automatically seal and because they can’t tie them like regular balloons, they have to be sealed with a plastic balloon (it’s simple once you know how!).

Be aware that the entrance where you can put things into bubble balloons is quite small; although they look great when filled with glitter, feathers, foliage, and other small balloons, the opening is somewhat limited.

Even before the air is added, the balloon can have ripped strips of tissue paper, lengthy feathers, or even foliage or flowers inserted into it as far as they are exceptionally narrow and do not block the opening.

If you go above the weight limits, your balloon won’t float. Therefore, make sure to weigh anything you intend to put inside the balloon or connect to it before doing so.

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