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Why Choose Development Boards Over Bare Microcontrollers?

by Rudy

The development boards are circuit boards that are fully printed, and a microcontroller is also mounted on the above side of the development board. These boards are used by the system designers who program the processor for testing and developing different projects. Mostly system designers or engineers prefer development boards over bare microcontrollers for various reasons. The rk3588 is a very popular development board used by many system designers. Now we will discuss some reasons why mainboards are widely chosen over bare microcontrollers.

Reasons To Choose Development Boards Over Bare Microcontrollers

• Saves Time

The traditional bare microcontrollers take hours to assemble, and if does not start when switched on, you have to completely check each wiring attached for loose connections, which can take a lot of time. But in development boards, there is no need to worry about that because it has testing and debugging options. So, to save your precious and important time, you should prefer using development boards over bare microcontrollers.

• No Need for Breadboard

In bare microcontrollers, you need to make connections on the breadboard first to move further with testing, but in development boards, you don’t need any breadboard system to make the connections first. You can simply start by working directly on the development board. It saves much time and effort.

• No Designing & Etching

The bare microcontrollers required designing of PCBs, then etching them, and in last, fabricating them with the stick of copper which is used for sticking. But in development boards, you do not need to do all this. It is very simple to use as compared to the bare microcontrollers.

• Built-in Microcontrollers  

Nowadays, development boards come with built-in microcontrollers. There is no need to buy a separate microcontroller for your development boards. Previously you had to spend days in the market to search for a good microcontroller that would be compatible and suitable with your development board.

• Extra Development Kits

The development boards now come with extra development kits. These development kits come with complete documentation, which makes using development boards very easy. A new user can also start to code by completely going through the development kits. By using development kits, you can easily code on the built-in microcontroller of the development boards.

• No Extra Cost

In traditional microcontrollers, you have to buy external hardware circuits separately to build the program, which increases the cost. But with development boards, you don’t have to buy any external or internal hardware circuits. Moreover, these development boards are easy to work with as they possess everything that is needed to start working on a program. That’s why most of the time, these are much more beneficial than the bare microcontrollers.


Considering all the reasons discussed above, it makes sure that the development boards save time, do not require breadboard, has built-in microcontrollers, do not require any designing or etching, and also have some development kits. Because of all these reasons, system designers, engineers, or students prefer development boards over bare microcontrollers. Development boards have made making and testing of programs very easier.

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